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Eco Friendly Building

Whether it’s re-using your water bottle, or biking to work a few days a week, everyone is trying to be kinder to the Earth.  When looking at materials for building or remodeling your home, you may wish to consider some new, eco-friendly options.  I’d like to offer some of my own ideas regarding the use of stone and other masonry products.  You see, masonry has stood the test of time.  The world’s oldest and most notable buildings were built with brick and stone.  The life cycle of masonry far exceeds other building products.

Transportation is a major factor in our environmental impact.  Masonry products are commonly extracted and produced within the local economy, minimizing fuel requirements and overall cost.  Materials like rock and sand are in no short supply and easily attainable, inert, non-toxic, and promote excellent air quality.

With the finishes in your home being so personal, masonry walls are built on-site, providing maximum customization.  Picture a stone wall in your home that has natural textures created by the earth, reducing the need for drywall and paint chemicals.  Masonry also does not provide a food source for insects, does not rot, cleans easily, and resistant to fire.

Thermal mass characteristics provided by masonry optimize heating and cooling efficiency.  It’s simple, when you make masonry warm it stays warm, when you cool it it stays cool.  This helps in terms of keeping your home from large temperature shifts which will reduce heat and cooling loads on your home.  Masonry heaters are welcomed by the EPA and burn wood at or better than 90% efficiency.  Even a short burn time will reap the reward of up to 24 hours of radiant heat from your masonry heater.


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